MONTHLY BIRTHSTONES ~ Gemstone Journeys from Rock to Jewel

The modern list of monthly birthstones is: Jan - Garnet, Feb - Amethyst, Mar - Aquamarine, Apr - Diamond, May - Emerald, Jun - Pearl, Jul - Ruby, Aug - Peridot, Sep - Sapphire, Oct - Opal, Nov - Topaz and Dec - Turquoise. These birth month stones are gemstones associated with each of the twelve birthday months of the year.

Which Month is your (or their) Birthday?

Each birthday month will take you on a journey of discovery about the gemstones assigned as birthstones for that month. From how and where they are formed in the earth to their ultimate destination in sparkling jewelry. Explore the modern and alternative birthstones, zodiac birthstones, birthday symbols and birthstone colors.

What are the Monthly Birthstones?

Each month of the year is associated with a specific gemstone, known as a birthstone. These birthstones hold special significance and are believed to bring luck, protection, and positive energy to those whose birthdays are in that month.

1. January - Garnet: The deep red garnet symbolizes friendship, trust, and loyalty.

2. February - Amethyst: The purple amethyst is said to promote peace of mind and bring clarity to the wearer.

3. March - Aquamarine: The serene aquamarine represents courage, creativity, and hope.

4. April - Diamond: Diamonds are known for their brilliance and strength, symbolizing everlasting love and invincibility.

5. May - Emerald: The lush green emerald signifies rebirth, love, and fertility.

6. June - Pearl: Pearls are associated with purity, innocence, and wisdom.

7. July - Ruby: The fiery red ruby symbolizes passion, vitality, and protection.

8. August - Peridot: The vibrant green peridot is believed to bring good fortune and ward off evil spirits.

9. September - Sapphire: Sapphires come in various colors but are most commonly associated with deep blue hues representing loyalty and wisdom.

10. October - Opal: Opals display a unique play of colors symbolizing creativity, inspiration, and spontaneity.

11. November - Topaz: Topaz comes in various shades but is often linked with warmth, strength, and healing properties.

12. December - Turquoise: Turquoise is prized for its calming energies that promote serenity and good fortune.

These monthly birthstones not only make meaningful gifts but also serve as personal talismans carrying the essence of each individual's birth month throughout the year.

Mothers Birthstone Rings

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Mothers Day is Sunday May 12, 2024 (USA)

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Mothers Birthstone Ring - 3 stones
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Mothers Birthstone Ring - 2 to 5 stones
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