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Hi there, my name is Mandy and as most ladies do I love jewelry!

Monthly Birthstones
Mandy – Founder and Author of www.Monthly.Birthstones.com

I have always loved gemstone jewelry in particular, but had never really thought about how or where the gemstones came from. Join me on my journey as I discover how gemstones are formed, mined and processed to become the stunning jewelry that we admire and love to wear. To find a starting point in the huge range of gemstones, I have begun with those that have been traditionally assigned as birthstones for each month of the year. Researching these twelve gemstones and their alternatives will likely keep me busy for a couple of years!

During my lifetime I have developed a keen interest in conservation and began to realize that everything that we purchase has an impact on the environment. As I began to learn about the origins of gemstones, I began to comprehend that the effect of mining gemstones can be extremely detrimental to both people and the planet. I was devastated to realize that in my innocent act of purchasing gemstone jewelry, I was inadvertently creating a demand in an industry that could be contributing to the destruction of the very thing I was passionate about conserving.

Luckily in recent decades there has been a fast growing awareness that industry globally has a significant role to play in conserving the planet for future generations, as well providing acceptable working conditions for people in their employment.  We as consumers are becoming far more aware of the impact our purchases can have and can start choosing products that are ethically and sustainably sourced.

To complement my research on gemstone origins I began to investigate birthstone jewelry. I discovered this took many forms from colored glass crystals, treated low quality gemstones, high quality natural gemstones to man-made lab-grown gemstones. Each type has their pros and cons in terms of environmental impact and I will explore this as I go along.  However during the course of featuring birthstone jewelry on the website I decided I would only include artisans and jewelers that indicate their gemstones are ethically and sustainably sourced. I additionally check if they take care to ensure their business touches lightly on the earth – such as using recycled materials and packaging. I know this sometimes makes products slightly more expensive but personally I would rather pay a bit extra if I know my purchase is people and planet friendly.

Please join me on my exploration of this fascinating subject and feel free to comment on the issues discussed here. I look forward to meeting you 🙂

Kind regards

6 thoughts on “About Monthly Birthstones Author *Mandy

  1. I just discovered your site tonight, was so surprised when looking at my stats on my own site and saw views coming from here! Thank you so much Mandy for including my handmade jewelry shop, it means a lot to me and I love creating beautiful pieces with natural stones.

    • You’re welcome Alona, when I found your shop Moonlight Designs it just fitted in so perfectly with my site I just had to include your lovely jewelry 🙂

  2. Hi Mandy,

    Thank you for including my custom birthstone bracelet on your really lovely website! Best to you on your gemstone journey.

    🙂 Brooke

    • Thanks and it’s a pleasure Brooke, I think your bracelets are stunning!

  3. Hi Mandy!

    Noticing some traffic coming from your website, I checked it out. Thank you so much for including our items in your month of August section! Your site is wonderful – so informative. Well done!!

    Thanks ever so much!
    Verbena Place Jewelry

    • Mandy

      You’re welcome Helen, your pieces are lovely, its only a pleasure to include them in our selections. *Mandy

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