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Today we are featuring WILDTHINGS LTD brand of jewelry and in particular their amethyst butterfly jewelry.  WILDTHINGS LTD design unique, high quality sterling silver jewelry with nature inspired themes of wildlife, sea-life and the floral kingdom.  Many of their silver pieces are set with semi-precious stones and come in matching sets of earrings and pendants.  We have selected the theme of butterflies and dragonflies to showcase some of their exquisite pieces that are set with amethyst birthstones.

There are 9 products in the slideshow - 2 brooches, 2 sets of pendants + earrings and 3 bracelets.

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Both the pendants have matching earrings as shown and note the pendants do not come with chains.

Click through on any product image for further information. Once through to the product detail page, scroll down to see the product specifications.

Ever wondered what the difference is between butterflies and dragonflies?

They are both classed as insects but belong to different sub-groups: Odonata (dragonflies) and Lepidoptera (butterflies).  Their physical characteristics are very similar; they both have three segments (head, thorax and abdomen), compound eyes, two pairs of wings and six legs.  However the following main differences distinguish them :

  • LIFE CYCLE  Butterflies have a four phase life cycle and breed mainly on plants on land; dragonflies only have three phases and breed on plants in or near water.
  • MOUTH PARTS  Butterflies have a proboscis (tongue like appendage) and can only drink nectar, whereas dragonflies have teeth like appendages and prey on flying insects (including butterflies…).
  • WINGS  Butterflies have beautifully colored wings and are relatively slow flyers (a maximum of 30 miles an hour); whereas dragonflies have transparent wings and can perform amazing aerobatics at speed, with some species flying up to 90 miles per hour.

With reference to DRAGONFLIES AND BUTTERFLIES: HOW ARE THEY DIFFERENT? By Kathleen Tait – Environmental Science

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