How about Making an Amethyst Necklace for a birthday girl this February?

Amethyst DIY Jewelry Kit
Amethyst DIY Jewelry Kit

This week we are featuring Cats Bead Kits and their designer jewelry making kits. Dawn Ditter is the owner and makes up all the kits herself. We are showcasing the Amethyst DIY Jewelry Kit seeing as Amethyst is the birthstone for February. Making up this necklace would make a lovely personal gift for a February birthday girl.

Amethyst DIY Jewelry Kit

These kits are designed for the more experienced jewelry hobbyists that already have the skills to make up jewelry and are just looking for beads for their next creation. There are no instructions and you will need your own basic materials like stringing wire and crimp beads and of course the tools. As Dawn says –  the kits are ‘OOAK’ which means ‘One Of A Kind’ as no two people would make up exactly the same piece from this kit. As a guideline the kit can make up to a 16″ length necklace, but of course you can be creative and make a matching set of a bracelet, earrings and a shorter necklace which is not beaded the full length.

Amethyst DIY Jewelry Kit
Amethyst DIY Jewelry Kit

Natural Gemstones

The kit is made up of natural gemstones as well as glass beads. The natural gemstones are Cape Amethyst and Peace Jade which compliment each other beautifully.

Cape Amethyst: Amethyst that is layered or striped with milky quartz that forms attractive patterns. If the patterns form a V shape pattern, it is often called Chevron Amethyst.

Peace Jade: A mixture of Serpentine, Stichtite, and Quartz. The result is a beautiful stone showing subtle blends of spring green and creamy white with the occasional hint of lavender.

Chevron Amethyst Oval Pendant
Chevron Amethyst Oval Pendant

The pendant included in the kit is made from glass but Dawn also has some stunning natural Chevron Amethyst pendants. These come in both rectangular and oval shapes and are slightly smaller than the glass pendant included in the kit.




Why we recommend Cat’s Bead Kits

  • Excellent reviews
  • Detailed product information
  • Up to five photographs of each product
  • Custom made kits
  • Money back guarantee

Be sure to check if there are any coupon discounts before finalizing your order.

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I really like the combination of colors and textures that Dawn has chosen. I would probably add the chevron pendants as they look like they would match beautifully with the other beads in the kit – then I could likely make up more than one necklace  đŸ™‚ *Mandy

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