April Birthstone

The April Birthstone is Diamond

The birthstone for April is the Diamond which symbolizes romance and enduring love, and this April birthstone is traditionally set in engagement and wedding rings.

Fancy colored diamonds or black diamonds are also considered a trendy alternative to the conventional clear diamond.

The name 'diamond' comes from Greek ‘adamas’ meaning invincible and may reflect that the diamond is the hardest gemstone known to man.

Both the modern and the official April birthstone (as per the American Gem Trade Association) is the Diamond.

The Alternative April Birthstone is Quartz

The April birthstone color is clear or white representing the transparency of diamonds.

Thus alternative birthstones for April are any clear or white gemstones such as clear quartz, white sapphires and white topaz.



April birthstone - Diamond

April alternative birthstone - clear Quartz

April birthstone color - White or Clear

April birth flower - Sweet Pea



10th, 60th and 75th wedding anniversary

Zodiac birthstone Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)


April Birthstone Diamond


April Birthday Card

April Birth Flowers - Daisy and Sweet Pea
April Birthday Card - April Birth Flowers
By Blazing Star Studio

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