The April Birth Flowers are the Sweet Pea and Daisy

The two birth flowers for April are the fragrant Sweet Pea and the delightful Daisy which start to flower in late spring (northern hemisphere).


April Birth Flower: Sweet Pea

The first birthday flower of April is the Sweet Pea which naturally occurs with purple flowers and originates from the Mediterranean.

Many cultivars have been produced with blue, white and pink flowers besides the original purple color and Sweet Peas are well known for their lovely fragrance.

The language of flowers introduced in Victorian times says that Sweet Peas symbolize pleasure or gratitude.

April Birth Flower: Daisy

The second flower for April is the Daisy, a common flower originating in Europe but now widespread across most continents. The flower's name is thought to have started as 'day's eye' as the flower closes at night and opens in the morning.


Birth flower reference: Floriography Today by S. Theresa Dietz (2000)

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