Aries Birthstone Bloodstone and its Interesting Journey from Rock to Jewel

Aries Birthstone Bloodstone

The interesting Bloodstone is the main birthstone for the Zodiac sign Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19) and is also one of the secondary stones for Pisces (Feb 20 - Mar 20).

The color of Bloodstone is dark green, dotted with red spots. These spots resemble drops of blood, hence the gemstone's name and the legend of Bloodstone formed by the blood of Christ on the cross. In ancient times before Christianity, the stone was known as Heliotrope.

The short video (8 minutes) covers the interesting history, meaning and healing properties of Bloodstone. Notice the presenter's different Bloodstone jewelry pieces she is wearing at each new insert.

Depending if the Aries birthday falls in March or April - additional modern birthstones based on months are Aquamarine for March born and Diamond for April babies.

Bloodstone Stone – A-Z Satin Crystals Meanings

Rough Bloodstone Gemstone

Any piece of rough Bloodstone travels a fascinating journey from when it is initially formed in the earth, later discovered by man and ultimately transformed into an elegant piece of jewelry.

Bloodstone is a type of quartz forming in igneous (volcanic) rock when molten lava cooled millions of years ago. Raw Bloodstone forms at shallow depths and different minerals give the stone its dark green color. Iron traces cause the red speckles and small quantities of other minerals can form yellow and white particles. Over eons the softer surrounding rock is eroded away and the Bloodstone quartz remains. If the formation was located in a stream the rock might be further broken down and deposited as pebbles on river beds downstream.

The main source of rough Bloodstone is India with other deposits in Australia, Brazil, China, Madagascar and some small deposits in the United States. If the stone has only yellow instead of red spots it is known as Plasma.

Bloodstone Crystal Uses

Once the Bloodstone has been extracted from the earth it is sorted into different grades.

Depending on the size and quality, the rough pieces can be left in their raw form for rock collectors or tumbled into polished stones for healers and other uses.

Bloodstone is a relatively soft stone and can be fashioned into carvings or processed into round beads for jewelry making.

Bloodstone Birthstone Jewelry

After sorting, any higher grade Bloodstone of gemstone quality will be used by artisans to make jewelry.

With its earthy dark colors Bloodstone has been set in men's jewelry over centuries as signet rings or as modern bracelets with leather.

Bloodstone is usually carved into cabochons or simply set as polished pendants highlighting the striking colors in jewelry for Aries birthdays.