What is August Birthstone Color and Flower?

August Birthstone PeridotThe August Birthstone Color is Light Green


The August Birth Flower is Gladiolus


The Official August Birthstones are

Peridot and Spinel


The Alternative August Birthstone is Sardonyx

August Birthstone Peridot

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August Birthstone Color - Light Green

The August birthstone color of light green comes from the August birthstone Peridot, also known as Olivine linked to its primary color of olive green. Peridot is one of the few gemstones that only occur in one color – ranging from shades of brownish to yellowish green.

The second official birthstone for August Spinel was added to the birthstone list in 2016. Spinel colors are mostly in the orange to red and pink range, but also occurs in shades of purple, blue and green. The alternative birthstone for August, Sardonyx, is a variety of Agate with reddish-brown bands alternating with black or white bands.

August birthstone jewelry set with Peridot or any light green crystals make a personal and meaningful gift for your friends and relatives with birthdays in August. Or choose a special piece for yourself to wear during the month of August.

August Birth Flowers - Gladiolus and Poppy

The birth flowers for August are the Gladiolus and Poppy.

The Gladiolus group of plants belong to the Iris family and originate from tropical and southern Africa.

The wild flowers are actually quite small and the familiar large, showy spikes of gladioli are in fact cultivated varieties.

The most common flower colors range from pink to reddish or light purple with white markings.

The language of flowers introduced in Victorian times says that the Gladiolus stands for sincerity and strength of character.

The second August birth flower, the Poppy, is a familiar large beautiful flower that occurs in many colors, originating in Asia and Europe.

The red poppy has become symbolic to remember fallen soldiers and the opium poppy is associated with sleep, peace and death in legends.

Red poppies are also considered the national flower for Albanians, matching the red and black colors of their flag.

August Birth Flower - Gladiolus
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