Buying Pearl Birthstone Jewelry Online – Find that Special Gift in just 3 Steps

Pearl Birthstone Jewelry Birthstone jewelry is available across the entire price range, from pretty trinkets less than fifty dollars to exquisite fine jewelry worth thousands of dollars. And there are literally millions of choices online – when I searched on Google for ‘pearl birthstone jewelry‘ I received 1 420 000 (that’s 1.4 million) results! Even when […]

Natural Aquamarine Jewelry – Is it just the Color or the Real Gemstone ?

Hello there, while researching birthstone jewelry for March I found it difficult to find natural aquamarine jewelry. Because aquamarine is also a color, many ‘aquamarine’ jewelry pieces simply had that color crystals or beads and were not made with the actual aquamarine gemstone. Luckily on our recommended artisan jewelry store NOVICA, all of the aquamarine jewelry pieces […]

What is the March Birthstone?

The birthstone for March is Aquamarine which means ‘water of the sea’ in Latin and this March birthstone is associated with many legends of sailors. The colors of aquamarine aptly reflect the tranquil blue-greens of the ocean symbolizing calm and peace. Aquamarine is generally very pale in color to almost transparent and is rarely found naturally in darker blue shades. The […]