Handmade Birthday Cards with Birthstone and Birth Flower Themes

These beautiful handmade birthday cards are themed around the birthstones of each month.

Most of the artists have one or more cards for each month of the year and some also offer a full set of twelve cards.

The images and links will take you to that artist's online store to view more information.

Kindly note that all the images are copyright the artists, thank you.

Birthday Cards with Birthstones by Posy Paper Studio, Texas

Kylie currently has over 100 unique card designs hand painted in watercolors for all occasions. She also designs custom return address labels to give your letters a personal touch.

Handmade January Birthday Card - Garnet Birthstone

February Birthday Card - Amethyst Birthstone

March Birthday Card - Aquamarine Birthstone

Birthstone Necklace Cards by Delezhen, Massachusetts

Masha has over 1000 gift items featuring personalised gemstone jewelry. Many of her pieces are set onto cards like these with interesting text relevant to the gift that makes it unique and special.
She also makes up family birthstone jewelry with gemstones representing family members which are very popular on Mothers Day and for mother's birthdays.

Handmade April Birthstone Necklace Gift Card

May Birthstone Necklace Gift Card

June Birthday Card - Moonstone Birthstone

Birthstone and Fairy Dress Cards by Embellish Me Gorgeous, North Carolina

Patricia crafts exquisite miniature dresses in various themes including these monthly ones set onto plaques. Each plaque lists the gemstone and flower associated with the birth month, as well as the unique meanings, symbols and legends. Each dress and plaque is designed around the colors and symbols of that month and can be personalized with the recipient's name. A simply beautiful gift card for a little girl.

Handmade July Birthday Card - Birthstone, Flower and Fairy Dress

August Birthday Card - Birthstone, Flower and Fairy Dress

September Birthday Card - Birthstone, Flower and Fairy Dress

Handmade Birthday Cards with Birthstones by Wild Ink Press, California

Wild Ink Press has over 400 products including greeting cards, calendars, notepads, gifts, wrap, and custom notecards. They are all letterpress printed on their 108-year-old Chandler & Price platen press or one of their Heidelberg Windmills. All paper is 100% recycled or reclaimed, and made in the USA. A great selection to accompany any gift.

Handmade October Birthday Card - Opal Birthstone

November Birthday Card - Topaz Birthstone

December Birthday Card - Turquoise Birthstone