Handmade Birthday Cards with Birthstone and Birth Flower Themes

These beautiful handmade birthday cards are themed around the birthstones of each month.

Most of the artists have one or more cards for each month of the year and some also offer a full set of twelve cards.

The images and links will take you to that artist's online store to view more information.

Kindly note that all the images are copyright the artists, thank you.

Birthday Cards with Birthstones by Posy Paper Studio, Texas

January Birthday Card - Garnet Birthstone

February Birthday Card - Amethyst Birthstone

March Birthday Card - Aquamarine Birthstone

Birthstone Necklace Cards by Delezhen, Massachusetts

April Birthstone Necklace Gift Card

May Birthstone Necklace Gift Card

June Birthday Card - Moonstone Birthstone

Birthstone and Fairy Dress Cards by Embellish Me Gorgeous, North Carolina

July Birthday Card - Birthstone, Flower and Fairy Dress

August Birthday Card - Birthstone, Flower and Fairy Dress

Handmade September Birth Card with Dolls Dress

Birthstone Birthday Cards by Wild Inkpress, California

October Birthday Card - Opal Birthstone

November Birthday Card - Topaz Birthstone

December Birthday Card - Turquoise Birthstone