Free Birthday eCards to wish someone special a wonderful Happy Birthday!

Here are some free Birthstone and Birth Flower birthday eCards to email to a friend or post on Facebook.

See also our featured handmade birthday cards with birthstone and birth flower themes.


January Birthday eCard - Birthstone Angel
January Birthday eCard - Birthstone Poem
February Birthday eCard - Birthstone Angel
March Birthday eCard - Angel holding Aquamarine birthstone
March Birthday eCard- Birthstone
Free April Birthday eCard - Angel holding Diamond birthstone
April Birthday eCard- Birthstone
Free May Birthday eCard - Angel holding Emerald birthstone
May Birthday eCard- Birthstone
June Birthday eCard - June Birthstone Angel
June Birthday eCard- Birthstone
Free July Birthday eCard - July Birthstone
July Birthday eCard- Birthstone
Free August Birthday eCard - August Birthstone
August Birthday eCard- Birthstone
September Birthday eCard - Birthstone
September Birthday eCard - Birth Flower
October Birthday eCard - Birthstone
October Birthday eCard - Birth Flower
November Birthday eCard - November Birthstone Angel
November Birthday eCard - Birthstone Poem
December Birthday eCard - December Birthstone Angel
December Birthday eCard - Birthstone

Ways to share the eCards


There are two ways to post to Facebook:

Copy and Paste the card

  • Right-click (mobile: tap and hold) on the card and select [Copy image]
  • On your friend's Facebook page in a new post - right click (mobile: tap) and select [Paste] or [Ctrl+V]
  • Type in your birthday message to your friend and click [Post]

Go to our Facebook album Birthday eCards and share the birthday card of your choice from within Facebook.

  • The steps are described in the Facebook album.


Other ways to share the eCards if you are a techno fundi :

  • Right click (mobile: tap and hold) on the card to copy or save the image to your device, then attach it wherever you wish OR
  • Use the sharing tools you may have installed in your browser (such as AddIt).


If you get stuck trying to share the ecard, please contact me and I will do my best to help you. *Mandy