December Birthstone

The December Birthstone is Turquoise

The birthstone for December is brilliant blue Turquoise symbolizing success, happiness and prosperity. There are in fact three official December birthstones - Turquoise, Tanzanite and Blue Zircon, with Blue Topaz as the alternative December gemstone.

Turquoise is formed by groundwater containing copper that has seeped into the bedrock. Reactions with other minerals over time form an opaque stone of stunning shades of blues and greens. The dark lines and shapes seen in turquoise are derived from the surrounding rock and known as matrix.

The name Turquoise comes from ‘pierre turquoise’ which means ‘stone of Turkey’ so called when the stone was brought to Europe from Turkish bazaars. Turquoise is one of the earliest gemstones to be cast in jewelry since ancient times.

The December birthstone color is blue and the main December birth flower is the Narcissus, also known as the Daffodil.

December Birthstone Turquoise Beads
Turquoise Beads from Lilys Offering


December Birthstone Turquoise


December birthstone - Turquoise

Official December birthstones - Turquoise, Tanzanite and Blue Zircon

December alternative birthstone - Blue Topaz

December birthstone color - blue

December birth flower - Narcissus (daffodil)


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