Deep red Pyrope is the most admired Garnet birthstone – but there are many other types of Garnet.

Garnet - various types and colours
Garnet – various types and colours
Source: American Gem Society

The birthstone for January is Garnet and the deep red varieties are the most well known and admired.

Garnet is not actually one type of gemstone, but the name of a group of similar gemstones which occur in a variety of beautiful colors. The types of garnet used in jewelry are andradite, almandine, grossular, spessartine and pyrope.

So if you have been giving a gift of red garnet to your sweetheart for her January birthday over the years, there are many other types and colors of garnet to choose from. Maybe it is time to surprise her with something different :).

January & Garnet Quick Facts

• The birthstone color for January is deep red.

•  The birth flower for January is the Carnation.

•  There are no common alternative birthstones for January.

•  Garnet is the gemstone for the 2nd wedding anniversary.

•  Garnet is one of the Zodiac birthstones for Capricorn and Aquarius.

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