What is February Birthstone Color and Flower?

The stunning birthstone color for February is purple from February's birthstone amethyst. The birth flowers for February are pretty violets and showy irises, as well as dainty primroses, which start to flower in early spring in the northern hemisphere.

February Birthstone Color - Purple

The February birthstone color of purple comes from the February birthstone amethsyt.

Amethyst is a well known and admired quartz crystal that forms in beautiful shades of purple and violet.

Historically only royalty wore amethyst due to its rarity, however once vast deposits were discovered in Brazil, amethyst became a popular gemstone in everyday jewelry and in particular February birthstone jewelry.

February Flowers and Gemstone
February Birthday Digital Elements - by Chey Okota

February Birth Flowers - Violet and Iris

The primary February flower is the Violet, also known as a pansy. The violet group of flowers has up to 600 types that are found mainly in the temperate Northern Hemisphere.

Violets start flowering in spring and can last throughout the summer. Colors include violet as well as shades of blue, yellow, white and cream.

The blue violet is the state flower of Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Illinois, and New Jersey, USA.

The language of flowers introduced in Victorian times associates violets with faithfulness, humility and chastity.

The second February flower is the Iris, a group of up to 300 types named after the Greek word for a rainbow, which also aptly describes the wide variety of colors.

Irises grow naturally in the drier and colder regions of the Northern Hemisphere but are also widely cultivated due to their large, showy flowers.

Iris is the national flower of Croatia and is one of the state flowers of Tennessee, USA.

February Birth Flowers - Violet and Iris
February Birthday Card with February birth flowers on February color purple background - by Blazing Star Studio
February Flower Primrose
February flower primrose on February color purple background - Print by Anne Appert

February Birth Flower - Primrose

Another birth flower for February is the Primrose which flowers in early spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and indeed its name means 'first' or 'early'.

The flowers of most primrose types are yellow but there are also white, red, pink and purple varieties.

April 19 is traditionally Primrose Day in the UK, commemorating the death of Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli.