Delightful December Birthday Cards 2024 ~ Digital and Paper

Birthday eCards

December Birthday Cards - Digital

Looking for December birthday cards to post on Facebook or send to someone special on email?

Here are our free digital December birthday ecards themed around the main birthstone for December, Turquoise.

You have our permission to copy these images for personal use.

December birthday poem
eCard with Gregorian birthstone poem for December
© Monthly Birthstones - Permission to copy for Personal Use only

Gregorian Birthstone Poem for December

If cold December gave you birth,

The month of snow and ice and mirth,

Place on your hand a turquoise blue,

Success will bless whate'er you do.

December Birthday Card
December eCard with angel holding Turquoise birthstone
© Monthly Birthstones - Permission to copy for Personal Use only

December Birthstones

Birthstone: Turquoise

Official birthstones: Turquoise, Tanzanite & Blue Zircon

Alternative birthstone: Blue Topaz

Birthstone color: blue

Ways to Copy the eCards

  • On a desktop right click on the card to popup a small menu, on mobile tap on the card and hold to get the small menu.
  • Select [Save Image] if you will be uploading it to the other platform later or attaching it via email. Navigate to the folder on your device to save the image and [Save].
  • Select [Copy Image] or [Copy Image Address] if you are able to paste the image or the image address on the other platform straight away.
  • The steps to paste the image will vary depending on what the other platform is. See the Facebook example below.

On some desktops you may be able to select the card, press Ctrl+C together and then on the other platform, paste the card with Ctrl+V.

Example to share on Facebook:

  • Right-click (mobile: tap and hold) on the card and select [Copy image]
  • On your friend's Facebook page in a new post - right click (mobile: tap) and select [Paste] or [Ctrl+V]
  • Type in your birthday message to your friend and click [Post]

Or go to our Facebook album Birthday eCards and share the birthday card of your choice from within Facebook.

December Birthday Cards - Paper

If you are looking for original, paper birthday cards for December - have look at these stunning handmade ones we found on Etsy, themed around December flowers and birthstones. Click on the images or links to go to that artist's shop for further details.

December birthstone necklace card
December Birthday Necklace Gift Card by DoodleBeads
December card with birth flowers
Birthday Card with December Flowers by Rugosa and Pine
December Birthday Card - Turquoise Birthstone
Birthday Card for December by Wild Ink Press

Happy Birthday to that special person! Hope you found the card you were looking for and have a lovely day. *Mandy.