What is July Birthstone Color and Flower?

July Birthstone RubyThe July Birthstone Color is Red


The July Birth Flower is Larkspur


The Official July Birthstone is Ruby


The Alternative July Birthstone is Carnelian

July Birthstone Ruby

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July Birthstone Color - Red

The July birthstone color of red comes from the July birthstone Ruby, and the word originates from the Latin “ruber” meaning “red”. Rubies have a primary color of deep red with secondary hues of pink, orange and violet. These secondary shades can indicate the country of origin.

The alternative July birthstone Carnelian, occurs in various shades of warm orange and stones can range from being totally clear to opaque. The reddish color of Carnelian comes from its iron content and it is usually heat treated to enhance these deeper red tones.

July birthstone jewelry set with the more valuable and precious Ruby gemstone is a special gift for a milestone birthday. These days many of the rarer gemstones have been reproduced in a laboratory with the same properties as the natural gemstone - called 'lab created ruby' or just 'created ruby'. The gemstones are just as beautiful yet the process is more economical and has less environmental impact than mined gemstones.

Otherwise birthstone jewelry set with Carnelian or any red crystals are more affordable and make a lovely, meaningful gift for all July birthdays.

July Birth Flowers - Larkspur and Water Lily

The birth flowers for July are the Larkspur and Water Lily.

Larkspurs (or Delphiniums) are a group of tall showy flowers that occur in beautiful colors of purple, blue, red, yellow or white. The petals fuse together forming a spur and hence the flower's name.

The larkspur is natural to Europe and has spread throughout North America due to its popularity as a garden plant.

The language of flowers introduced in Victorian times says that Larkspurs convey open heart and ardent attachment.

Water Lilies are a family of aquatic plants common to tropical and temperate regions, with large round floating leaves and stunning flowers in many colors and forms. 

The white water lily is the national flower of Bangladesh and the blue water lily is the national flower of Sri Lanka.

July Birth Flowers - Larkspur and Water Lily
Original Watercolor Painting of July Birth Flowers by Koni Frazer
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