Handmade June Birthstone Jewelry for that Special June Birthday

June is the Month for Pearls, Moonstone and Alexandrite

June birthstone jewelry set with any of the three official birthstones for June - Pearl, Moonstone or Alexandrite - is an ideal personal and meaningful gift for your loved ones with birthdays in June. Or choose a piece for yourself to wear during the month of June.

The main June birthstone is the Pearl associated with purity, fidelity and integrity and pearls are often worn by brides on their wedding day.

Pearls come in many colors depending on the type of freshwater or seawater mollusk that produced them. Cultured pearls are simply farmed pearls where a foreign particle has been introduced deliberately into the mollusk, causing a pearl to form.

Browse our selection of June birthday jewelry below - handmade by skilled artisans with good quality gemstones and excellent craftsmanship. The images and links will take you to that designer's online store where you can view further information.

June Birthstone Rings set with Moonstone or Alexandrite in Sterling Silver

Metalicious - Etsy Stephanie of Metalicious, based in New York USA, took a metalsmithing class on a whim in 1995 and has never looked back. Running an ethical business is very important to her and Stephanie only uses reclaimed or recycled fine metals and ethically sourced gemstones in her jewelry. The green ethic extends to office supplies and packaging to ensure her business makes as little impact on the environment as possible, so helping towards a better future for her children.

Here is a selection of Stephanie's unique June birthday rings set with shimmering Moonstone or alluring Alexandrite:

June Birthstone Ring - Moonstone Flower Ring
Moonstone and Flower Ring
by Metalicious
Handmade June Ring with Alexandrite
Alexandrite and Recycled Silver Ring
by Metalicious
June Birthstone Ring - Rainbow Moonstone
Rainbow Moonstone Ring
by Metalicious

Crystal Bracelet for Prosperity

Prosperity Bracelet Set by Conscious Items

Garnet, Clear Quartz, Pyrite and Red Jasper

What do these Crystals mean?

June Birthstone Necklaces set with Raw Moonstone

Catching Wildflowers ShopBrittany of Catching Wildflowers in Maryland, USA, has a passion for creating with her hands and loves to design unusual and inspirational pieces. She adores creating unique jewelry with raw stones and crystals which she calls gifts from the earth. Brittany also stocks a selection of beautiful raw crystals and stones. Most of her jewelry has a choice of gold filled or sterling silver finish.

Here is a selection of her lovely June birthday necklaces with raw Moonstone:


June Birthstone Pendant - Rainbow Moonstone
Rainbow Moonstone Pendant
by Catching Wildflowers
June Birthstone Necklace - Moonstone Bar Necklace
Bar Necklace with Raw Moonstone
by Catching Wildflowers
June Birthstone Necklace - Raw Moonstone
Raw Moonstone Necklace
by Catching Wildflowers

June Birthstone Bracelets set with Natural Pearl

The House of Minerals Shop Stormy is the artisan behind The House of Minerals and has mastered the intricate process of electroforming to create unique copper settings in her jewelry. Stormy is based in Louisiana USA and has a deep love of nature and a passion for the craft of handmade jewelry. She sets raw natural stones in her unusual bracelet and necklace designs and adds sparkling pyrite accents for that special touch.

Here is a selection of Stormy's beautiful June birthday bracelets set with natural Pearl:

June Birthstone Bracelet - Pearl and Pink Quartz
Pearl and Pink Quartz Bracelet
by House of Minerals
June Birthstone Bracelet - Natural Pearl
Natural Pearl Bracelet
by House of Minerals
June Birthstone Bracelet - Blue Pearl Open
Blue Pearl Open Bracelet
by House of Minerals

June Birthstone Earrings set with Pearl, Moonstone or Alexandrite

Pearls are the only organic birthstone, forming inside mollusks around foreign particles. Pearls come in many colors depending on the type of freshwater or seawater mollusk that produces them. Cultured pearls are simply farmed pearls where a foreign particle has been manually introduced into the mollusk.

Moonstone is a gemstone that allows light to shimmer across its surface, producing an effect similar to the sheen of the full moon. Moonstone color can vary from transparent, through white, green, yellow-brown, grey to almost black and the shimmering effect can be blue, silver or white.  Most moonstone will have some inclusions but the fewer the better, so as not to interfere with the light scattering properties.

Alexandrite is a rare purplish gemstone with an amazing color changing property; reflecting green-blue in daylight to pink-red in low light. Alexandrite is named after the Czar Alexander II when it was discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia in the 1800's, although those deposits are now depleted. Due to its rarity, most alexandrite in jewelry is lab created, having the exact same chemical and light changing properties as natural alexandrite and just as beautiful.

Here are some stunning handmade earrings set with natural June gemstones or crystals representing June birthdays:

June Birthstone Earrings Pearl Tree of Life
June Birthstone Pearl Tree of Life Earrings
by Rebellious Trees

More Pearl Earrings

Alexandrite June Earrings
Oval Alexandrite Earrings in Sterling Silver
by Bonny Jewelry

More Alexandrite Earrings

June Birthstone Earrings - Moonstone and Pearl
June Birthstone Earrings - Moonstone and Pearl
by Beth Divine Designs

More Moonstone Earrings

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