March Birthstone

The March Birthstone is Aquamarine

The birthstone for March is Aquamarine which means ‘water of the sea’ in Latin and this March birthstone is associated with many legends of sailors.

The March birthstone color is light blue which is the primary shade of aquamarine. This gemstone aptly reflects the tranquil blue-greens of the ocean symbolizing calm and peace. Aquamarine is generally very pale in color to almost transparent and is rarely found naturally in darker blue shades.

The Aquamarine mineral is a type of beryl and is formed over millions of years when water became trapped in rock cavities during geological processes. The six main varieties of beryl are aquamarine (blue-green), emerald (green), morganite (pink), red beryl (red), heliodor (yellow) and maxixe (deep blue).  More about the formation of aquamarine.

The official March birthstones as per the American Gem Trade Association are Aquamarine and Bloodstone. The modern March birthstone, which is usually just one gemstone, is Aquamarine and the alternative March birthstone is then Bloodstone.




March birthstone - Aquamarine

March birthstone color - Light Blue

March birth flower - Daffodil



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March alternative birthstone - Bloodstone

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March Birthstone Aquamarine

March Birthstone Jewelry

March Birthstone Bracelet - Aquamarine By Gems By Kelly
March Birthstone Bracelet - Aquamarine
by Gems By Kelly

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March Birthday Card

March Birth Flower - Daffodil Greeting Card
March Birthday Card - March Birth Flower Daffodil on Aquamarine Background
By Blazing Star Studio