What is March Birthstone Color and Flower?

The March Birthstone Color is Light Blue

The March Birth Flower is the Daffodil

The primary official March Birthstone is Aquamarine

The second official March birthstone is Bloodstone

March Digital Kit by Chey Okota
March Digital Element Set by Chey Okota
March Birthstone Necklace - March Birthstone Bracelet
March Birthstone Necklace / Wrap Bracelet - by Nona Designs

March Birthstone Color - Light Blue

The March birthstone color of light blue comes from the primary shade of the March birthstone Aquamarine. The gemstone Aquamarine is generally very pale blue in color to almost transparent and is rarely found naturally in darker blue shades.

The Aquamarine mineral is a type of beryl and is formed over millions of years when water became trapped in rock cavities during geological processes. The six main varieties of beryl are aquamarine (blue-green), emerald (green), morganite (pink), red beryl (red), heliodor (yellow) and maxixe (deep blue).  More about the formation of aquamarine.

The attractive blue shades of Aquamarine have made it a popular gemstone set in March birthstone jewelry.

March Birth Flower - Daffodil

The March flower is the Daffodil which blooms in the spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

Daffodils are also known as Jonquil or Narcissus and the flowers are white, yellow or orange

Daffodils are native to woodlands and meadows of southern Europe and North Africa with the center of diversity in the western Mediterranean. They are often associated with spring festivals in these regions.

The name Narcissus is linked to the Greek word for 'narcotic' and the Greek myth of a youth that fell in love with his own reflection (narcissism).

The daffodil is a national flower of of both Wales and Iran.

The language of flowers introduced in Victorian times says that daffodils symbolize friendship and happiness.

March Birth Flower - Daffodil Greeting Card
March Birth Flower Daffodil on Aquamarine Background
March Birthday Card by Blazing Star Studio