Mothers Birthstone Jewelry set with the Birthstones of her Loved Ones

Have a special piece of Mothers Birthstone Jewelry made with the birthstones of her loved ones.

Also known as Mothers Jewelry or Family Jewelry.

Perfect as a gift for a mother or a grandmother with the birthstones of her children on Mother's Day, her birthday or at Christmas.

Mother's Day in the USA is Sunday May 14, 2023.

Mothers Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in most countries but not all. For example in the UK it is on the fourth Sunday in Lent known as Mothering Sunday (Mar 19, 2023).

Below is a selection of lovely multi-gemstone jewelry handmade by talented jewelry designers. The images and links will take you to an online marketplace featuring these and more stunning handmade pieces. There you can order custom made jewelry directly from the designers.

Mothers Day Gifts

Mothers Birthstone Jewelry

Family Tree Earrings with Birthstone and Initials
Custom Mothers Birthstone Earrings
by Delezhen
Custom Mothers Birthstone Pendant
Tree of Life Birthstone Pendant
by Phoenix Fire Designs
Personalized Family Bracelet with Birth Flowers and Birthstones
Personalized Family Bracelet
by Delezhen

Mothers Birthstone Rings

Mothers Birthstone Ring - 3 stone by Danique Jewelry
Mothers Birthstone Ring - 3 stones
by Danique Jewelry
Silver or Gold Personalized Mothers Ring with two to five birthstones
Mothers Birthstone Ring - 2 to 5 stones
by SparkleNJade
Mothers birthstone ring with six or more stones
Mothers Birthstone Ring - 6+ stones
by The Jewelry Girls Place

5 Tips When Choosing Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone Jewelry comes in many forms - so here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Modern Monthly Birthstones ListMan-made versus Natural Gemstone

The birthstone gems will either be man-made, such as plastic, glass, cubic zirconia (CZ), lab-created and Swarovski crystal; or natural gemstones and the price will vary accordingly.  The man-made gems will usually be far more affordable than the natural gemstones.

2. Birthstone Color

The man-made gems will be the color of the birthstone for that month - for example a dark green bead to symbolize the emerald birthstone for May and a lime green bead to represent peridot for August. Whereas the natural gemstone will be the genuine birthstone for that month such as real emerald or peridot stones.

3. Alternative Birthstones

Even if the gems are natural gemstones, the artisan may not use the official birthstones - especially for the precious gemstones like ruby and sapphire. They may use the alternative birthstone or a dyed gemstone of a similar color that is more affordable. Our handy Birthday Signs and Symbols Chart lists all the official birthstones, alternatives and colors.

4. Necklace Chains

Sometimes the price you will see is per birthstone charm or pendant only, and you will need to add a necklace chain to your order. These are usually available from the same jeweler.

5. Handmade Jewelry

Custom handmade jewelry will always take some time because the artisan is personally crafting that piece. However the quality and care taken in creating your jewelry will far exceed that generally found in mass produced pieces, so it will be well worth the wait.