Handmade November Birthstone Jewelry for that Special November Birthday

November birthstone jewelry set with yellow to orange Topaz, or the alternative Citrine, is an ideal personal gift for loved ones with birthdays in November. Or choose a special piece for yourself to wear during the month of November.

Browse the stunning selection of November birthday jewelry below - handmade by skilled artisans that use good quality gemstones and show excellent craftsmanship. The images and links will take you to that designer's online store where you can view further information.

The November birthstone Topaz is believed to be associated with constancy, loyalty and friendship, and Citrine with happiness and success.

Natural golden Topaz (Imperial Topaz) is quite rare and usually clear Topaz is treated to produce the beautiful orange to yellow shades. Pure Citrine is also rarely found in nature and is commonly formed by heating Amethyst that causes a color change from purple to lovely yellows.

Ethical November Jewelry

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November Birthstone Rings set with Citrine in Sterling Silver

Metalicious Stephanie of Metalicious, based in New York USA, took a metalsmithing class on a whim in 1995 and has never looked back. Running an ethical business is very important to her and Stephanie only uses reclaimed or recycled fine metals and ethically sourced gemstones in her jewelry. The green ethic extends to office supplies and packaging to ensure her business makes as little impact on the environment as possible, so helping towards a better future for her children.

Here is a selection of Stephanie's unique November birthday rings set with warm golden Citrine:

November Birthstone Ring - Silver Citrine
Silver Citrine November Birthstone Ring
by Metalicious
November Birthstone Ring Set - Citrine Infinity
Citrine Infinity Silver Ring Set
by Metalicious
November Birthstone Ring - Braided Stacking RIng
Braided Stacking Citrine Birthstone Ring
by Metalicious

Ethical Fine Jewelry set with Faceted Citrine in Yellow Gold

Brilliant EarthBrilliant Earth is a fine jewelry company committed to responsible sourcing of gemstones and metals. They ensure all their gemstones are sourced from ethical and environmentally responsible suppliers, use recycled precious metals where possible, pack jewelry in FSC certified packaging and offset their carbon emissions to become carbon neutral.

For November birthday jewelry they have both an exclusive collection of Imperial Topaz settings, as well as a classical collection set with faceted Citrine:

Yellow Gold Citrine Brithstone Ring
Yellow Gold Luxe Citrine Ring
by Brilliant Earth
Gold Sunflower Citrine Birthstone Pendant
Gold Sunflower Citrine Pendant
by Brilliant Earth
Yellow Gold Citrine Birthstone Earrings
Yellow Gold Citrine Stud Earrings
by Brilliant Earth

November Birthstone Necklaces set with Raw Citrine

Catching Wildflowers - Etsy Brittany of Catching Wildflowers in Maryland, USA adores creating unique jewelry with raw stones and crystals which she calls gifts from the earth. She has a passion for creating with her hands and loves to design unusual and inspirational pieces. Most of her necklaces have a choice of sterling silver or gold plated chains and some also have lovely matching earrings.

Here are some of her unique November birthday necklaces with raw Citrine:

November Birthstone Necklace
Raw Citrine Wire Wrapped Necklace
by Catching Wildflowers
November Birthstone Necklace
Natural Citrine Bar Necklace
by Catching Wildflowers
November Birthstone Necklace
Citrine Gemstone Necklace
by Catching Wildflowers

November Birthstone Bracelets and Anklets set with Natural Citrine

Conscious Items LogoConscious Items are specialists in crystals and believe that life is a blessing and should be lived with intention. They hand pick crystals to help people cope with the stresses of daily life and provide in depth information about all the crystals and their benefits.

Here is a selection of their beautiful November birthday items set with natural Citrine - helpful for abundance, mindfulness and emotional balance:

Citrine and Moonstone Bracelet
Citrine and Moonstone Bracelet
by Conscious Items
Citrine Hair Clip Set
Citrine Hairclip Set
by Conscious Items
Citrine Crystal Anklet
Citrine Crystal Anklet
by Conscious Items

November Birthstone Earrings set with Citrine

November birthstone earrings can be set with raw, polished or cut Citrine gemstones. A pair of raw or rough gemstones set in earrings will unlikely be identical in shape but faceted gemstones can be carved to be as similar as possible.

The birthstone color for November is yellow so you may also find yellow or golden November jewelry made with colored glass or synthetic beads. Always check jewelry descriptions carefully so that you are aware whether the piece contains real gemstones or synthetic stones. Real gemstones will have flaws and impurities and synthetic stones will be flawless and clear. All are equally beautiful and it just depends what you prefer.

The following designers use natural Citrine gemstones in their stunning November birthday earrings:

November Birthstone Earrings - Citrine Dangle
Citrine Dangle Earrings by
Silvana Sagan
November Birthstone Earrings - Wire Wrapped Citrine Studs
Wire Wrapped Citrine Studs
by Admantae Designs
November Birthstone Earrings - Natural Citrine Studs
Natural Rough Citrine Studs
by One Tribe Jewelry

November Birthstone Jewelry with Imperial Topaz in Sterling Silver

Orange Topaz is quite rare and not commonly found in jewelry; blue topaz is the variety of topaz that is usually available. However we did manage to find a few pieces from different collections. Angry Turtle and Stowe Gems are based in the USA and Spiral River Designs are in Canada.

Here are samples of their lovely warm yellow to orange topaz pieces also known as Imperial Topaz:

November Bracelet - Golden Imperial Topaz Rough
Rare Golden Imperial Topaz Bracelet
by Spiral River
November Pendant - Orange Imperial Topaz
Orange Imperial Topaz Crystal Pendant
by Angry Turtle
November Bracelet - Imperial Topaz and Diamond
Imperial Topaz and Diamond Tennis Bracelet
by Stowe Gems

November Birthstone Necklaces with Mystic Topaz

David and Helen WorcesterVerbena Place Jewelry are the owners of Verbena Place Jewelry, both holding jewelry certifications and have been in business for many, many years. David is the jewelry designer and producer and Helen sources the gemstones and takes care of the administration. The bright Argentium Silver used in their jewelry is a modern recycled silver alloy of high purity. Mystic Topaz begins as natural white topaz which is treated with a diffusion process to produce the beautiful multi-color effect with 'sunset' colors.

Here is a selection of David's unique November birthday necklaces with mystic topaz:

Mystic Topaz Heart November Birthstone Necklace
Mystic Topaz Silver Heart Necklace
by Verbena Place Jewelry
Mystic Topaz Silver November Birthstone Pendant
3 Stone Mystic Topaz Silver Pendant
by Verbena Place Jewelry
Mystic Topaz Silver November Birthstone Necklace
Argentium Silver Mystic Topaz Necklace
by Verbena Place Jewelry

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