October Birthstone Color and Flower & more October Birthday Symbols

The October Birthstone is Opal

The birthstone for October is Opal and the October birthstone color is Multi-Color, White or Pink. The alternative October birthstone is Pink Tourmaline and in fact both Opal and Tourmaline are the official birthstones for this month.

The Zodiac birthstones for Libra (Sep 24 - Oct 23) include Opal, Peridot and Lapis Lazuli. The Zodiac birthstones for Scorpio (Oct 24 - Nov 22) include Aquamarine, Coral and Topaz. Other birthday symbols include the birth flowers for October which are the Marigold and Cosmos.

Besides being a meaningful October birthday gift, Opal jewelry is given to celebrate a 14th wedding anniversary and Tourmaline jewelry for an 8th wedding anniversary.

The origin of the name 'Opal' comes from Sanskrit upala meaning ‘precious stone’ and Greek opallios meaning ‘to see a change of color’. The dazzling Opal gemstone is associated with imagination, fidelity, creativity, innocence and hope.

Opal is actually a hardened silica gel and over millennia it can also replace parts of animal skeletons, plants or wood called opalized fossils or opalized wood. Interesting pieces are fashioned into jewelry or home decor.

Watch the short, informative videos below highlighting the history, symbolism and properties of Opal and Tourmaline.

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Ethical Opal Jewelry

October Birthstone Color Multi-Color Opal Stones
Raw Opal Crystals (Ethiopia) from Throwin Stones

October Birthstone Color: Multi-Color, White or Pink

The October birthstone colors of multi-color and white come from the October birthstone Opal, an iridescent gemstone that reflects a rainbow of colors. The color of pink comes from pink Tourmaline, the second October birthstone.

Precious Opal occurs as five main types described by the background color: White, Black, Fire, Boulder and Crystal Opal.

The majority of all types of Opal are produced in Australia, well known for Black Opal as well its unique Boulder Opal that includes part of the surrounding rock. White Opal is also mined in Ethiopia and Brazil. Crystal Opal has an almost transparent background and is found in Nevada, Idaho and Oregon, USA. Fire Opal has background colors in the yellow to red range and occurs in Mexico, Brazil and Oregon, USA.

October birthstone jewelry set with the sparkling Opal gemstone makes for a special October birthday gift.

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Alternative October Birthstone Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline is the second October birthstone and is an attractive gemstone for October birthday jewelry. Some references say all types of Tourmaline are considered the alternative birthstone, not only the pink variety.

Like Opal, Tourmaline also occurs in many colors, including a multi-colored variety sometimes called Rainbow Tourmaline.  In fact Tourmaline has the widest range of colors of all gemstones, although black is the most common color, known as Schorl.

Tourmaline is found primarily in Africa (Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia and Tanzania) and Brazil with a few other smaller deposits around the world.

Discover more about tourmaline gemmology and the history of tourmaline.
Pink Tourmaline Crystal October Birthstone
Pink Tourmaline Crystal from Throwin Stones

October Birthday Symbols and Zodiac Signs

  • Official birthstones: Opal and Tourmaline
  • Alternative birthstone: Pink Tourmaline
  • Birthstone colors: multi–color, white or pink
  • Birth flowers: Marigold and Cosmos
  • Zodiac star sign: Libra (Sep 24 - Oct 23)
  • Zodiac star sign: Scorpio (Oct 24 - Nov 22)
  • 8th wedding anniversary: Tourmaline
  • 14th wedding anniversary: White Opal

October Birthday Symbols and Signs

October Birthstone Goddess
Lady of October with Opal and Marigolds by Angelic Shades
depicting October's birthstone, color and flower.
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October Zodiac Signs and Crystals

The two October birthday zodiac signs are Libra and Scorpio. The Libra sign is from September 24 to October 23 and the Scorpio sign from October 24 to November 21. (The start and end dates can vary by a day or so each year).

New Moon Beginnings offer Zodiac crystal sets (rough or tumbled) to enhance each sign's positive qualities and to calm negative energies.

Ametrine, citrine, labradorite, lepidolite and lapis lazuli are included in the Libra crystal set to enhance their charming and diplomatic nature. Discover how these stones amplify the qualities of the Libra sign.

In the Scorpio crystal set - labradorite, citrine, smoky quartz, black obsidian and unakite compliment the alluring and intense Scorpios. Find out how these stones can help strengthen the Scorpio sign characteristics.

Libra Crystals (Sep 24 - Oct 23) Libra Jewelry

Scorpio Crystals (Oct 24 - Nov 21) Scorpio Jewelry

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