Handmade October Birthstone Jewelry for that Special October Birthday

The Birthstone for October is Opal

October birthstone jewelry set with Opal gemstones or the alternative Pink Tourmaline is an ideal personal and meaningful gift for your friends and relatives with birthdays in October. Or choose a special piece for yourself to wear during October.

The October birthstone Opal is believed to be associated with imagination, fidelity, creativity, innocence and hope.

Opal is an unusual gemstone that reflects a rainbow of colors known as 'play of color'. The five main types of opal are white, black, fire, boulder and crystal; according to their background color.

Browse the stunning selection of October birthstone jewelry below - handmade by skilled artisans that use good quality gemstones and show excellent craftsmanship. The images and links will take you to that artisan's online store where you can view further information.

October Birthstone Necklace - October Birthstone Bracelet
October Birthstone Wrap Bracelet by Nona Designs

October Birthstone Necklaces set with Natural Opal

Catching Wildflowers - Etsy Brittany of Catching Wildflowers in Maryland, USA adores creating unique jewelry with raw stones and crystals which she calls gifts from the earth. She has a passion for creating with her hands and loves to design unusual and inspirational pieces. Most of her necklaces have a choice of sterling silver or gold plated chains and some also have lovely matching earrings.

Here are some of her unique October birthstone necklaces with natural opal:

October Birthstone - Welo Opal Bar Necklace
Welo Opal Bar Necklace
by Catching Wildflowers
October Birthstone - Australian White Opal Pendant
Australian White Opal Pendant
by Catching Wildflowers
October Birthstone - Raw Opal Bar Necklace
Raw Opal Bar Necklace
by Catching Wildflowers

October Birthstone Earrings set in Sterling Silver

Moonlight DesignsAlona Milton is the self taught jewelry designer behind Moonlight Designs based in Alaska, USA. Alona especially loves raw natural gemstones that are used in many of her exquisite designs. She searches for unusual pieces from around the world to create that unique piece of handmade jewelry that you will cherish for many years to come. Her collection includes handmade birthstone jewelry, mother-daughter matching necklaces and little girls jewelry.  Her wire wrapped earrings are made with hand oxidized sterling silver or 14K gold fill.

Here is a selection of Alona's stunning October birthstone earrings with different types of Opal:

White Opal Stud October Birthstone Earrings
Australian White Opal Stud Earrings
by Moonlight Designs
Natural Brown Green Opal Drop October Birthstone Earrings
Natural Brown Green Opal Drop Earrings
by Moonlight Designs
Peruvian Pink Opal Dangle October Birthstone Earrings
Peruvian Pink Opal Dangle Earrings
by Moonlight Designs

October Birthstone Bracelets set with Natural Opal

The House of Minerals Shop Stormy is the artisan behind The House of Minerals and has mastered the intricate process of electroforming to create unique copper settings in her jewelry. Stormy is based in Louisiana USA and has a deep love of nature and a passion for the craft of handmade jewelry. She sets raw natural stones in her unusual bracelet and necklace designs and adds sparkling pyrite accents for that special touch.

Here is a selection of Stormy's beautiful October birthstone bracelets set with natural Opal:

Rough Opal Gemstone October Birthstone Bracelet
Rough Opal Gemstone Bracelet
by House of Minerals
Australian Opal Cuff October Birthstone Bracelet
Australian Opal Cuff Bracelet
By House of Minerals
Raw Opal and Pyrite October Birthstone Bracelet
Raw Opal and Pyrite Cuff Bracelet
by House of Minerals

October Birthstone Earrings set with Peruvian Opal

Novica artisan Patricia JaraArtisan Patricia Jara is from Peru and specializes in silver and gemstone jewelry. She is passionate about her culture and loves to share the variety of folklore from the different Peruvian provinces. She finds inspiration from "the art of our ancestors, the experience of master artisans, and the influence of foreign designers".  Patricia is associated with NOVICA, a global fair trade community of skilled artisans.

Here is a selection of Patricia's beautiful handmade sterling silver earrings, set with Peruvian blue-green opal which is only found in the Andes mountains. Peruvian Opal is usually known as blue opal but is sometimes called green opal.


Handcrafted Sterling Silver and Opal Button Earrings
Sterling Silver and Opal Button Earrings -
'Green Vibrations' (Peru)
Sterling Silver Andean Opal Earrings
Sterling Silver Andean Opal Earrings -
'Abstract Butterflies' (Peru)
Peruvian Sterling Silver Hook Earrings with Opals
Peruvian Sterling Silver Hook Earrings
with Opals - 'Inca Sun' (Peru)

More Peruvian Opal Earrings

October Birthstone Necklaces with Beaded Tourmaline


The alternative birthstone for October is Pink Tourmaline. Due to the variety of colors and shades of Tourmaline, it is known as the 'rainbow gemstone'. Legend has it that the gemstone passed over a rainbow during its formation thus taking on the multiple colors!

Here are some lovely beaded necklaces from NOVICA artisans that contain shades of Pink Tourmaline together with other hues of Tourmaline or mixed creatively with complimentary gemstones:


Tourmaline torsade necklace
From India - 'Wondrous India'
Tourmaline Torsade Necklace
Pearl and tourmaline choker
From Thailand - 'Rainbow'
Pearl and Tourmaline Choker
Onyx and Tourmaline Beaded Necklace
From Thailand - 'Night Colors'
Onyx and Tourmaline Beaded Necklace

More Tourmaline Necklaces

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Gold and Silver Libra Necklace by OroCouture

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