The September Birth Flowers are the Aster and Morning Glory

The birth flowers for September are the pretty Aster and the beautiful Morning Glory, flowering during the month of September in the Northern Hemisphere.

September Birth Flower: Aster

The first birthday flower of September is the Aster. Asters are a group of about 180 types of flowers occurring primarily in Eurasia, many of which are food plants for moth larvae.

Belonging to the daisy family, Asters are often called "Michaelmas daisies", as they bloom over the Michaelmas festival on the 29th September.

Asters have a star shaped flower head and the name originates from both the Latin and Greek word aster meaning "star".

There are many types and colors of Asters but most have blue or lilac flowers.

The language of flowers introduced in Victorian times says that the meaning of Asters is love, faith and wisdom.

Aster is the flower to celebrate a 20th wedding anniversary.

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September Birth Flower: Morning Glory

There are nearly 1000 types of the second flower for September, the Morning Glory, as well as many cultivated varieties.

Morning Glory plants are fast growing creepers and have beautiful flowers in lovely deep blue, purple or pink colors. The large flowers open early in the morning hence their common name.

The genus name Ipomoea is derived from Greek words meaning "resembling" and "wood worm" referring to the long, winding stems.

Some varieties are edible and used in many Asian dishes as well as for medicinal purposes.

Some of the symbolic meanings of the Morning Glory are affection, humility and spontaneity.


Birth flower reference: Floriography Today by S. Theresa Dietz

Here is an interesting in depth article on the birth flowers of September, including the Forget-Me-Not which is also considered a September birthday flower in Britain.

September Birth Flower - There's More in a Name

Truth, sincerity, constancy -- characteristics of September's birthstone, Sapphire. We gift someone jewelry containing their birthstone to wish them good luck and protection. Most people know their birthstone but few know that each month has a corresponding birth flower. What are September's birth flower and message when sending flowers?


Greek goddess Asterea cried because earth lacked stars; Asters grew from where her tears fell. Hence, Asters are a love charm having mystical powers. Asters are named after the shape of its flower head, the Greek word for star. Like stars in the sky, Asters can be found everywhere because they grow in tropics to cooler regions of the North. And whatever country you may be in, including Sweden, France, Spain, Netherlands, they are still called Asters.

Symbolism of Aster Flower Bouquet:

  • Afterthought.
  • Patience
  • Talisman of Love
  • Faith, Wisdom, Light
  • Take Care of Yourself for Me
  • 20th Wedding Anniversary flowers

Asters are part of the Asteraceae family of approximately 600 species. Also known as Michaelmas Daisy, Starwort, Frost flowers, an Aster is a collection of very tiny tubular flowers around a yellow central disk giving the illusion of a single flower. They come in a rainbow of colors -- white, red, pink, purple, lavender, blue.

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September Birth Flower Cards

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Though Asters are easy to mistake for daisies, they are smaller and are closely related to chrysanthemums. Asters are ideal as a tabletop flower bouquet or center arrangement on its own or complementing other flowers.

Morning Glory

Heavenly Blue, Crimson Rambler, Pearly Gates -- monikers for this flower that America has as an alternative September birth flower. The Japanese call them Asagao. Asa meaning morning; kao for face.

Its name says it all: flowers that bloom in the morning, but by afternoon starts dying. A large open saucer-shaped flower, it is easily pollinated by birds and bees bringing new blooms daily. This flower represents "Love in Vain".

Morning Glory is a common name for over 1000 species in Convolvulaceae family. It grows as a vine producing white, blue, red, pink, purple and yellow flowers.

Forget Me Not

The flower of remembrance, the most romantic tale behind it name is: A medieval knight, walking with his maiden along a riverbank, stopped to pick a flower bouquet but fell into the river due to the weigh of his armor. As he drowned, he threw the flower bouquet to his maiden and shouted, "forget me not!".

Other Tales

  • Christian legend tells of the child Jesus sitting on Mary's lap wishing future generations would remember them. He waved his hand and blue forget-me-nots appeared.
  • In German legend, God had named all plants when a tiny unnamed one shouted, "Forget me not, O Lord!". The Lord responded, "That shall be your name."

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Symbol of Remembrance

  • Canadian Newfoundlanders have worn them to remember the nation's war dead
  • After World War II, Freemasons used these flowers in memory of masons who suffered under the Nazis
  • Aster flower bouquet is usually given to family members or friends of someone who passed away
  • Canada's Alzheimer Society has adopted these flowers are their symbol

Express True and Faithful Love, Luck and Hope

  • 15th century Germany said that lovers would not forget wearers
  • King Henry IV of England adopted this flower as his personal good luck charm
  • Sometimes given out by companies to clients in hopeful reminder of their brand

Forget-Me-Nots, the British alternative September birth flower, belong to the genus Myosotis. Around 50 species of tiny delicate flowers with flat 5-lobed blue or purple, pink, white petals with yellow centers exist.

Throughout history, lovers have gifted a flower bouquet to each to express longing, devotion, love. When sending flowers, understanding their birth flower is a great way to go. The tales behind the flower bouquet can be entertaining, but always, a flower bouquet has a language of its own.

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