What is September Birthstone Color and Flower?

Sepember Birthstone SapphireThe September Birthstone Color is Deep Blue


The September Birth Flower is the Aster


The September Birthstone is Sapphire


The Alternative September Birthstone is Lapis Lazuli

Sepember Birthstone Sapphire

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September Birthstone Color - Deep Blue

The September birthstone color of deep blue comes from the September birthstone Sapphire. Sapphire is one of the four precious gemstones and is most well known for its deep blue color variety. However Sapphire is a form of corundum and there are many other colors of corundum known as ‘fancy sapphires’.

The alternative birthstone for September is also a beautiful deep blue color - Lapis Lazuli. Lapis is not actually a crystal like most gemstones, but an ordinary rock, however due to its exquisite coloring it has been used in jewelry and sculptures for centuries.

September birthstone jewelry set with blue Sapphires or the more affordable Lapiz Lazuli jewelry, makes a personal and meaningful gift for your friends and relatives with birthdays in September. Or choose a special piece for yourself to wear during the month of September.

September Birth Flowers - Aster and Morning Glory

The birth flowers for September are the Aster and Morning Glory.

Asters resemble daisies and have a star shaped flower head, and the Greek word aster means 'star'.

There are many types and colors of Asters but most have blue or lilac flowers and bloom in late September.

The language of flowers introduced in Victorian times says that the meaning of Asters is love, faith and wisdom.

There are nearly 1000 types of the second September birth flower, the Morning Glory and there also are many cultivated varieties.

Morning Glory plants are fast growing creepers and have beautiful flowers in lovely deep blue, purple or pink colors.

Some varieties are edible and used in many Asian dishes as well as for medicinal purposes.


September Birth Flower - Aster Ribbon Embroidery
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