Tanzanite Engagement Rings: Explore the Beauty of Tanzanite Gemstones in Engagement Ring Designs

Your engagement ring must be exclusive and what is better than a beautiful Tanzanite engagement ring? Tanzanite rings are very popular in the fashion market and are garnering the same response in the engagement rings sections as well.  Tanzanite, the rare gemstone found in the rich lands of Tanzania has become a preferred choice of gemstones for engagement rings. Its unique and captivating beauty sets it at the center of the gemstone’s world, making it ideal for creating excellent Tanzanite engagement rings.

If you are considering buying Tanzanite jewelry rings, this article contains every bit of knowledge that you would need to buy the right Tanzanite engagement rings and take care of them. So, let’s get started.

Tanzanite Ring

Tanzanite Engagement Rings: A Unique Choice

Tanzanite is an ethically sourced gemstone that when placed on an engagement ring represents beauty at its best along with a great positive impression. With all its elegance and uniqueness, Tanzanite makes an amazing choice of gemstone for rich engagement rings. It represents exclusiveness and rarity just like the love you hold for your partner.

Moreover, tanzanite possesses certain metaphysical properties that promote spiritual growth and harmony within relationships.

1. Standout features of tanzanite

Striking blue-violet color along with several unique features contribute to the popularity of Tanzanite as the right choice for engagement rings. Some of its unique characteristics include:

2. Color

The exceptional blue-violet hue makes Tanzanite stand out from the crowd. There is no other gemstone that compares with the beautiful and rare color representation of a Tanzanite. Depending on the lighting and the angle of the light, this stone shows different colors. The velvety or intense violet-blue closely resembles the color and appearance of a blue sapphire when the lighting is optimal.

3. Trichorism

A distinctive quality of Tanzanite is that it displays three different colors when viewed from different angles. Tanzanite showcases blue, violet, and sometimes burgundy or reddish hues making it one distinctive gemstone, ideal for fashion jewelry including tanzanite jewelry rings.

4. Rarity

Otherwise known as one of the rarest gemstones on Earth, Tanzanite is found exclusively in a single region globally, the Merelani Hills in northern Tanzania. Because it is available in a limited quantity, it is a rare stone that is adored by gemstone enthusiasts from all across the world.

5. Size and Clarity

Unlike many other gemstones, Tanzanite naturally occurs in the form of large pieces. The large size makes it possible to find tanzanite of premium size and carats including as large as 10 carats. The clarity of Tanzanite is also remarkable as the ones with excellent clarity and no visible inclusions are highly valued.

6. Pleochroism

Besides a trichroism, tanzanite also features pleochroism which means that when observed from different crystallographic directions, the gemstone features different colors. Depending upon the viewing angle, this stone can appear blue, violet, or burgundy, enhancing its depth and complexity and making it perfect for tanzanite engagement rings.

7. Heat sensitivity

Highly sensitive to heat, Tanzanite glows a lot more when exposed to high temperatures under controlled environments. The process of Tanzanite reacting to heat is known as annealing which enhances its color significantly, making it more beautiful than it already is.

Tanzanite Engagement Ring

How Does Tanzanite Compare To Other Popular Gemstones Used In Engagement Rings?

While diamonds and rubies hold their distinctive place in the engagement ring landscape, Tanzanite is becoming a more sought-after choice because of its exclusive beauty and features as well as its affordable price. Tanzanite engagement rings compete greatly with other stones including Diamond, Sapphire as well as Emerald, and are becoming a more preferred choice of collectors, as well as couples. Here is how Tanzanite compares with known gemstones in the world:

1. Diamond

Known for their exceptional hardness, brilliance, and durability, diamonds are revered gemstones for engagement rings. However, the lesser price tag as well as the distinct blue color makes it an excellent alternative to diamond rings.

2. Sapphire

Sapphires are known for their blue colors and are exquisite but Tanzanite has a blue-violet hue which makes it unique. Tanzanites’ rarity as well as captivating color beats sapphires.

3. Emerald

Compared to Tanzanite, Emeralds are more included and fragile which is a major setback. Also, the price of Tanzanite is more accessible and its color is also distinctive.

Tanzanite remains the best choice of gemstone when it comes to fashion jewelry including diamond tanzanite rings and more.

Tanzanite Ring Designs and Styles

Thanks to the innovation and skills of modern jewelry designers, Tanzanite jewelry rings and Tanzanite engagement rings are available in a wide range of designs and styles. The most sought-after design and styles of tanzanite engagement rings include:

Classic Diamond Tanzanite Engagement Rings

The classic diamond tanzanite engagement rings are a forever favorite as they display a striking combination of sparkling diamond and unique tanzanite. Available in different styles and designs, these tanzanite rings are a hot favorite of couples nowadays.

Pear, Heart, And Round-Shaped Stone Tanzanite Ring Designs

You can also find Tanzanite rings in a wide range of other shapes including pear, heart, and round. The choice is personal and depends on the shape and size of the finger as well as the choice of several tanzanites and other stones in the tanzanite jewelry rings.

Caring for Tanzanite Engagement Rings

It is extremely important to maintain your tanzanite rings to maintain their glamour and beauty. Here are a few cleaning tips and precautions mentioned to keep your tanzanite engagement rings as good as new.

Tips for cleaning and maintaining tanzanite rings

Always use gentle methods to clean and maintain your tanzanite jewelry. A mild solution of lukewarm water and soap is recommended to clean all types of tanzanite engagement rings.

If very dirty, you can use a brush with soft bristles to clean the rings, and afterward, rinse it with clean water. Finally,  pat it dry using a soft and dry cloth.

Precautions to take while wearing and storing tanzanite jewelry

As tanzanite jewelry is unique, it must be well-protected at all times. First of all, you must avoid extreme temperatures at all times as tanzanite is sensitive to heat. Thermal shock can cause the tanzanite to crack, harming its natural beauty. Also, to store the tanzanite jewelry, you must use separate pouches for individual pieces. The storage pouch or jewelry box must be soft, offering a layer of protection.

Also, while wearing tanzanite engagement rings you must not indulge in rigorous physical activities, sports, or manual labor as it can cause damage to the stone as well as the rings.

Tanzanite engagement rings are exclusive and must be cherished just like your eternal love for your beloved. At Tanzanite Experience, we introduce you to a world of exquisite Tanzanite Jewelry including the most beautiful and exclusive Tanzanite engagement rings and Tanzanite rings. Explore our online store and pick the best Tanzanite jewelry sets that you must present to your partner to get engaged.


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