The Birthstone for April is Diamond with Clear Gemstones like Quartz as an Alternative

Birthstone Chart - April

Hi everyone, well April is upon us so here is an introduction to the birthstone for April.

The birthstone for April is the Diamond which is the gemstone most people are familiar with. The name comes from Greek ‘adamas’ meaning invincible and may reflect that the diamond is the hardest gemstone known to man.

Diamonds symbolize romance and enduring love and are traditionally used in engagement and wedding rings.

Alternative, more affordable birthstones for April are any clear or white gemstones such as clear quartz, white sapphires and white topaz. Jewelry with these birthstones are ideal gifts for Aries and Taurus birthdays in April.

The Diamond is also the gemstone for your 10th Wedding Anniversary.

Apr Wed Anniv - diamond

There are a number of categories of birthstones and an excellent website I found explaining all of these is Bernardine Fine Art Jewelry. Bernardine has compiled no less than 21 charts and lists of birthstones!  Below is an excerpt of her charts showing the most commonly used categories:

Apr Alt Birthstones
Source: Bernardine Fine Art Jewelry
Apr Zodiac Birthstones
Source: Bernardine Fine Art Jewelry

We use the Traditional Birthstones list as our starting point and mention alternatives from the other lists or from other countries, for example Clear Quartz is often cited as the April birthstone in the UK. An official birthstone list was declared in 1912 by the American National Association of Jewelers (now known as Jewelers of America) which is a mixture of traditional birthstones and more recently discovered gemstones termed ‘modern’ birthstones.

Please have a look at our recommended jewelry for April and let us know if there is anything you particularly like 🙂 *Mandy

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  1. Diamonds are one of the hardest substances on the planet. They date back billions of years and are available in many beautiful colors. Diamond truly has an endless selection!

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