Tips when Buying Jewelry Online – Be Confident you will get what you Expect

Freepik shopping imageWith the convenience of shopping online comes a far wider range of choices and often cheaper prices than traditional retail stores, which is great for the consumer. However how can you really be confident that you will get what you expect? This is especially true when buying jewelry online as these are small items and viewing images on a digital screen can be very different to viewing jewelry in person.

Here we have outlined some key tips to help you be confident that you will get what you expect:

1. Verify the Online Images

The online image of the item may make it look larger (or smaller) than it is in reality, so check the measurement guide and any photos of models wearing the item. Ensure you are very clear about the size of the piece, as disappointment about the size is often mentioned in reviews. See our detailed article on how to size online jewelry.

2. Check the Product Specifications

Consult the Product Specifications carefully (usually found at the bottom of the product page), for example to check if chains are included with pendants, and whether the gems are natural or manufactured. Sometimes gem related terms are used to refer to the color (eg. amethyst or ruby) or the cut (eg. emerald) however the piece is actually glass and not the natural gemstone.

3. Keep the Documentation

Keep all the documentation and packaging for a few weeks after receiving your jewelry item, in case there is any need to return it. Most online jewelry stores offer a returns service and will gladly oblige.

Click on the image below to see an example product specification for a jewelry item from Amazon.

Product Specification Example
Product Specification Example