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Hi there, my name is Mandy and as most ladies do, I love jewelry! The online world has certainly given us access to far more jewelry choices and at lower prices that traditional jewelry shops. However sometimes all the choices can be a bit daunting. So on this website I have narrowed down some of the choices in regards to gemstone jewelry in particular (my favorite).

I think the first decision we all make when shopping is the approximate price range, so initially I have kept the range between $200 and $500. Then after staring at pages and pages of jewelry pieces I worked out four groupings that could help organize the designs. One of these categories will stand out and be more appealing than the others, depending on the person and the occasion you are buying the gift for (or for yourself of course!).  For example Traditional would be suitable for a 21st or similar milestone birthday for a family member, whereas Fashion would probably be more suitable for a friend on a normal birthday.  On each monthly page there is a full description of each of these categories.

I have initially used Amazon’s vast collection of their own and partner jewelry products to showcase pieces for each category, and will later add other online jewelry stores. But the idea is NOT to overwhelm and to rather help you make an informed decision quickly with minimum deliberation. Us ladies shopping for jewelry would love to look around but rarely have the time these days, and I think most men would prefer a short but thoughtful list to help them choose that special gift for their lovely lady.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section or send me an email on mandy[at]monthlybirthstones.com. And don’t forget to come back and share any wonderful memories that your gift was a part of :)

Kind regards

Jan 2016 – Please see our updated focus on our About page, thank you.

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  1. Jenny

    Lovely site!

    • Mandy

      Thank you Jenny, so glad you like it.

      Feel free to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to keep updated with our news and specials 🙂

      Kind regards *Mandy

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